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IN an  effort to bring top quality, more eco-friendly  shellfish to market, particularly in light of economic losses from the recent oil spill disaster, Louisiana’s shrimp industry have begun testing a sulphite-free liquid enzyme treatment to prevent melanosis, or black spot, in harvested shellfish.

 Although harmless, this blackening affects the appearance and market value of the shrimp.

The new treatment, marketed as Prawnfresh Plus, is increasingly being used by shellfish producers around the world, said Karl D. Turner, president of Sea Fresh Solutions LLC, the distributor of Prawnfresh Plus in North America. The treatment involves dipping the prawns into a tank containing saltwater and Prawnfresh Plus.

John Davis, the managing director of Xyrex Ltd, the manufacturer of Prawnfresh Plus, claimed this new product will benefit the health of the workers in the fishery as well as public health in general.

More than a dozen Louisiana shrimp fishermen have participated in trials. Professors at Texas A & M and Louisiana State University have also been enlisted to review and compare Prawnfresh Plus, Turner said, adding that he was encouraged by the results of the tests.

Turner said tests have also been carried out at Glasgow University.

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