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  • California Governor signs bill aimed at increasing salmon populations

    The bill, SB 470, extends the commercial salmon stamp programme which was initiated by fishermen more than 30 years ago. “Commercial fishermen understood that the fishery that they depended on was under enormous strain due to diversions, dams and loss […]

  • Co-management found best for fisheries

    More than 130 fisheries in 44 countries were studied, researching how co-management practices affect fisheries around the world. The results, according to UW’s Dr Nicolas Gutierrez, who headed the research team, showed that a co-management framework, based on shared responsibility […]

  • EU research achieves “breakthrough” as tuna spawn in captivity

    The European Commission say if breeding can be developed on a commercial scale, pressure on endangered wild stocks could be significantly relieved. The claimed breakthrough is the result of the third year of work of SELFDOTT, a research project funded […]

  • Iceland has right to cash in on mackerel realities, says technology boss

    Sigmar Gudbjornsson managing director of Iceland’s Star-Oddi Ltd, a developer and manufacturer of technology used in aquatic and fisheries research, said it was his personal view that migratory change in relation to mackerel had to be acknowledged. And therefore quota […]

  • Bitter battle over mackerel quotas hots up

    In a joint statement issued this afternoon, both pelagic sectors said the EU and Norwegian pelagic fleet owners had an urgent meeting yesterday in London to discuss the “very worrying” situation in the mackerel fisheries, caused by the “irresponsible behaviour” […]