• Watchkeeping blamed for Irish Sea sinking

    Watchkeeping blamed for Irish Sea sinking

    THE failure to keep a safe navigational watch has been cited as the main reason for the sinking of the stern trawler Silver Dee in the Irish Sea last summer. According to the MAIB report: On 29 July 2015, the […]

  • Lost trawl hazards highlighted

    Lost trawl hazards highlighted

    THE dangers of attempting to recover lost trawls have been emphasised in a new MAIB report into the capsizing of the twin-rig prawn trawler Kairos. At about 23.35 on 18 May 2015, the 18.6m twin-rig prawn trawler Kairos capsized and […]

  • The heart of the matter

    The heart of the matter

    A SEAFISH initiative to promote oily fish consumption has revealed that that two thirds (64%) of people across the UK do not consider the health of their hearts whilst making diet choices. Seven in ten (69%) adults across the UK […]

  • Searching for “the cod’s pollocks”

    Searching for “the cod’s pollocks”

    THE public are being asked to put forward their nominations for an awards programme which aims to honour the best fishermen in the UK and Ireland. The deadline for nominations, which cover 12 categories – including ‘Young Fisherman of the […]

  • NFFO remains neutral on Europe

    NFFO remains neutral on Europe

    ALTHOUGH the NFFO has decided not to take a formal position on the forthcoming EU membership referendum, it intends to invite protagonists from both camps to air their arguments on its website. A recent meeting of the NFFO’s Executive Committee […]